Ari & The Alibis


Everyone Needs an Alibi

Multicultural Fusion Artists Ari and the Alibis Give You One.

Infusing funk, jazz and Samba with blues soul and rock, Ari and the Alibis have created a memorable ear-catching sound. For having been together for just two years, Sarasota Fusion group Ari and the Alibis have already begun making serious waves in Florida’s vibrant music scene and carry the potential to spread their music far beyond state lines.They sport a sound often compared to Chicago,Tedeschi Trucks and squirrel Nut Zippers.

Depending on the speed of their songs, the genres Ari and the Alibis blend together can vary. Fast songs, for example, take on elements of Funk, jazz and Samba, creating a robust and vibrant sound that inspires dancing among the crowds. When they slow it down a notch, listeners are taken on a journey, through Blues, soul and even Tango. All of which combine to create a unique multicultural sound. A recipe for success evidenced by their great slots at some of Florida’s top music festivals and their regular appearances at the Tampa Hard Rock Casino and the House of Blues in Orlando.

The group is comprised of five talented members: Ariclleh “Ari” McManus (pronounced R.E) on vocals, Nicolas Kraster on guitar, James Dabone on Trombone, David Whittaker on Bass and john “Princess”  Walker on Drums. Particularly notable are Ari’s powerhouse voice, filled with emotion and strength that grips the listener from the very first note, as can be experienced on their new album “Dirty Little Secret”. Recorded in two sessions a year apart the album exemplifies the true talent and diversity of the group.The fifteen track CD takes the listener on a musical journey where anything is possible.